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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Santa Fe Workshops | Employment

Since 1990, Santa Fe Workshops has achieved an excellent reputation as a valuable and fun environment for participants and employees alike. We share our passion for photography, offering world-renowned instructors, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated staff. We are committed to excellence, teaching both the technical and creative aspects of photography. We provide a supportive, inspirational community where our participants build confidence in achieving their photographic goals both personally and professionally.

We offer two types of employment:

Permanent opportunities are listed as positions become available.

Seasonal employment opportunities are available twice a year for our Summer and Winter programs.

Seasonal Employment

Our objective when hiring seasonal staff is to select individuals who bring formal education, knowledge of digital capture and output, photographic experience, and resourcefulness, so that it benefits the experience of participants. This is especially true when meeting the needs of instructors. The majority of instructors are working professionals and expect technically and aesthetically proficient staff members. As a staff member, the Workshops is a place to give your knowledge back to those who need it and want it, rather than take-away more for yourself. Each staff member is technically proficient, possesses an imaging aesthetic of their own, and enjoys working with people. Superior customer service is integral to every job description and to participant's and instructor's overall experience.

seasonal Positions

A number of individuals who have worked at the Workshops in previous seasons return periodically or for consecutive seasons, so the number of available positions changes season-to-season. Seasonal positions include:
(click job title to download description)

Application Procedures

All applications for seasonal positions (except for Store Assistant) will be handled through e-mail to Renie Haiduk, Director of Operations. Her e-mail address is Please note: All materials will be read and reviewed on a Macintosh; please send MS Word documents.

Formal Application

Please download and complete the application form (MS Word document) and submit it via e-mail along with:
• a current resume,
• three letters of recommendation (these letters should come directly from your references, not from you -- make sure they include a contact phone number), and
• a one-page statement of intent that describes your objectives, and how you believe working at the Santa Fe Workshops will benefit your imaging career.

Candidate Selection

Formal applications are carefully reviewed by the Director of Operations and Operations Assistant and then subject to review by The Director. Those applicants being considered will be asked to send a portfolio of work by email that represents their current photographic style. Please send no more than 12 images, JPGs, 72dpi, 3 x5 size, no greater than 50K each.

Interview and Notification

Selected candidates are interviewed for final selection either in person in Santa Fe or via telephone by the Director of Operations. All transportation costs to and from the interview are to be borne by the applicant.

Notification of award of a position is via telephone by the notification date stated for each application period, and followed-up with information regarding the approaching season.

Positions Available & Application Deadlines

Formal applications must be received within the dates specified. Early or late submissions cannot be considered.

FALL 2011

Fall Season application period is open July 18-August 1, 2011
Notification of hire: August 19, 2011

Work/Study 1 position filled
Store Work/Study
Course Coordinator-Photo
1 position
2 positions


Winter Season application period is open November 14-28, 2011
Notification of hire: December 16, 2011

Studio Manager 1 position appl. period open soon
Studio Assistant 1 position appl. period open soon
Course Coordinator-Photo 3 positions appl. period open soon
Work/Study 2 positions appl. period open soon
Store Work/Study 1 position appl. period open soon

SUMMER 2012:

Summer Season 2012 applications will be accepted in the Spring of 2012.
Check back for dates.

Studio Coordinator 1 position appl. period open soon
Assistant Studio Coordinator 1 position appl. period open soon
Darkroom Coordinator 1 position appl. period open soon
Course Coordinator -- Photo 4 positions appl. period open soon
Work/Study 2 positions appl. period open soon
Store Work/Study 1 position appl. period open soon

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