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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Call for Entry: Why We Run

Why We Run / Deadline: 12/31/11 is a running blog looking for excellent photographs that explore why runner's run. Cash prizes for award winning photographs, plus publication in Blurb book Why We Run in January 2012.

As runners, we all have had this conversation:
-You: "I have to go for a run"
-Non-runner: "What are you running from? Ha! Ha!"
-You: "Ha. Good one"
-Non-runner: "Seriously, it is freezing rain out. Why?"

So the theme for this completion is "Why We Run." The idea is to convey the reasons why runners do what we do. Why do we get up at 4 am, drive 80 miles, and pay $60 for a race we have no chance of winning? Or spend 3 hours on a cold, muddy trail? Or run around the same circle day after day and not get anywhere?

We hope to answer these questions through photography, reward outstanding images with cash, and create a book of visual responses.




Anyone can apply. You may submit one and only one image during each month throughout 2011.


Please see the website at


1st - $100
2nd - $50
3rd - $25

Any submitted work may (or may not) be published in Why We Run. Public acknowledgement/praise/ridicule on

Evaluation Criteria

The spirit of this competition is to get beyond the superficial reasons for running like losing weight or competition. We are not looking for pictures of Ryan Hall, Kara Goucher or somebody's six pack abs. This is about running as it's own reward.

There are no concrete rules regarding content, or criteria for judging. Just make us laugh, cry, cringe, or say "wow". Bottom line is we are looking for is great images.

Contact Information

Anthony Corriveau
104 Redgate Drive
Cary, NC 27513

P: 919.671.9105

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