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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Point Park Photo Facility Training Sessions

Photography Training Sessions:

Digital Editing Suite (501 AH):

Demonstration with the Imacon and Plustek negative scanners. Demos will be given on how to scan 35mm and large format film with the Imacon and 35mm negatives and mounted slides on the Plustek scanner.

Friday, Sept. 9th: 3:30-4pm

Monday, Sept. 12th: 5-5:30pm

Thursday, Sept. 22nd: 4-4:30pm

Chemical Mixing and Darkroom Procedures (503 AH):

Instruction on mixing black and white and color chemistry for film processing and printing in the darkroom. Additional instruction will be given on maintenance and upkeep of the darkroom facilities.

Tuesday, Sept. 13th: 9:30-10:15am

Thursday, Sept. 22nd: 1-1:45pm

Friday, Sept 16th: 10:15-10:45am

Inkjet Printing and Inkjet Printing Lab Procedures (507 AH):

Printing demonstration on the Epson 7880 and 9890. Instruction will be given on how to perform a nozzle check and head cleaning on all of the inkjet printers. Using ICC color profiles in your workflow will also be covered. A general overview of the laboratory rules and guidelines will be included.

Monday, Sept. 12th: 6-6:45pm

Thursday, Sept. 22nd: 2:15-3

Friday, Sept 16th: 11-11:45am

Photography Studio (401 AH):

Basics of the photography studio will be covered in this session. Basic guide to equipment, use of gear, standard lighting techniques, and studio clean up will be covered.

Tuesday, Sept 13th: 12-12:45pm

Wednesday, Sept 14th: 8:30-9am

Thursday, Sept. 15th: 9-10am

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