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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


JPG Your World In Pictures

Photo of the Week

JPG photo

Direct Confrontation Christina Rollo. Nominated by Mag TY.

Shoot Out Winners Selected

Winners in the Beginnings Shoot Out have been selected. Head over to check out the winners.

Open for Voting

Scenes of Summer - Voting has begun in the Scenes of Summer Shoot Out. Cast your votes now.

Open Photo Challenges

Photo Challenge: Take a Number

Nice neat and orderly numbers are everywhere. On doors, buildings, trains, even in nature. So show everyone your take on numbers. (Photo: A.J Yak strangler)

Photo Challenge: Under Construction

For this photo challenge some assembly is required. Break out the tools and upload a photo of something under construction. (Photo: Soumen Basu Mallick)

Photo Challenge: Chillin'

With the record the setting temperatures of late and the backyard thermometer hitting 108 F last week here, well its just plain hot. So what to do? Think cool thoughts and snap some pics of course. Show us what you do to chill out and beat the heat on these hot summer days. (Photo: Shirley Valencia)

JPG Versus

Experience in a whole new way with JPG+! Upload more photos, eliminate ads, built in photo editor, lightbox view and more!

Member of the Week:
Gijs Bekenkamp

JPG photo

Gijs Bekenkamp is owner of a graphic design and photography company in the north of the Netherlands.

Story of the Week:
"Let there be light........"

JPG photo

by Nancy Richard
"Lighthouses stood as sentinels, guarding coasts all over the world."

Nominated by Judy and Wayne Wanamaker.

The Spotlight gives photographs the attention they deserve! You can even spotlight other people's images!

Voting Shootouts

Scenes of Summer

Open Shootouts

Where in the World...?

May You Live In Interesting Times

Best of...

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