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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JPG Magazine | Calls for Entry

JPG Your World In Pictures

Photo of the Week

JPG photo

Influence of Photography on Painting Charles Rushton. Nominated by Mark Williams.

Last Call

What's Buggin' You? — Get your entries in before this contest switches to voting.

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May You Live In Interesting Times — Cast your votes, help pick the winners.

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Open Photo Challenges

Photo Challenge: Coffee!

Bring on the Coffee! Whether you like to brew your cuppa joe at home or drop by your favorite coffee house — for this challenge we want you to capture photos of your favorite barista, cafĂ©, or coffee art. Go forth and drink a cup of coffee, take a few photos, login, upload and enlighten us with your best shots. (Ph oto: Nyechologist)

Photo Challenge: Bridges

Structures built to span obstacles, bridges take many shapes and forms. A simple log over a stream, cold functional concrete and steel, elaborate works of art or engineering wonders. (Photo: Nicholas Butler)

Photo Challenge: Take a Number

Nice neat and orderly numbers are everywhere. On doors, buildings, trains, even in nature. So show everyone your take on numbers. (Photo: Brenna B)

JPG Versus

Experience in a whole new way with JPG+! Upload more photos, eliminate ads, built in photo editor, lightbox view and more!

Member of the Week:
Photography Seven

JPG photo

Check out some of Photography Seven's photos and please do leave comments and feedback.

Nominated by Arthur Oisin Adler.

Story of the Week:
"Water Scarcity"

JPG photo

by Saroj Swain
"Globally, the water problem is getting worse as cities and populations grow..."

Nominated by Judy and Wayne Wanamaker.

The Spotlight gives photographs the attention they deserve! You can even spotlight other people's images!

Voting Shootouts

May You Live In Interesting Times

Open Shootouts

Where in the World...?

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What's Buggin' You?

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