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Friday, November 4, 2011

Paula McCartney and Mary Swanson

This afternoon Patrick, Remington, Madeline and I got to attend our first two lectures of the SPE conference. The first speaker, Paula McCartney, shared with us her journey from self-publishing her artist books through the transition to working with a publisher and expanding her readership. Ms. McCartney's work is both conceptual and simple. For instance, her first artist book that made it into trade editions, Bird Watching, is her personal nature journal for a three-year span of bird watching.
"I like making landscapes that are more ideal than nature can do on its own," she said.
Here are a few photos from her segment on Bird Watching.

The second speaker was the featured speaker of the weekend: Mary Virginia Swanson. Her talk centered around the basis of her newly released book, Publish Your Photography Book. Ms. Swanson outlined the two options for us as photographers when we wish to be published: Do we self publish or do we get published? And once we pick an option, where do we go from there?
It was hard to absorb everything that Ms. Swanson was saying at first. She spoke with such enthusiasm and she talked so quickly that we learned an overload of information, but while it was overwhelming, it was so inspiring. Here's a photo of Mary Virginia Swanson at the beginning of our lecture.

Until next post,
Camelia Montoy
Junior Photojournalism

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