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Sunday, November 6, 2011

History of Photography I, Presentation Program

History of Photography I, Presentation Program, Fall 2011
(open to all photography/photojournalism students)

11:20-12:50, 506 Academic Hall

Session I (November 14th)

11:30 - Becky Lessner, Lewis Carroll
11:45 - Franny Zehler, Spirit Photography (part i)
12:00 - Heather Spirik, Spirit Photography (part ii)
12:15 - Jamie Russell, Viewing the Sally Mann Controversy from a New Social Perspective
12:30 - Katie Sears, William Wegman

Session II (November 16th)

11:30 - Corinne Volosky, From Dada to Postmodernism: shared visions from cultural disarray
11:45 - Evan Skowvron, Kodak ...past, present, future (from solid ground to uncertain times)
12:00 - Diamond Rivera, High-Speed Photography: revealing hidden truths to the human eye
12:15 - Taryn Chepanoske, Photo Manipulation
12:30 - Kaci Lewis, Hippolyte Bayard (The Drowned Man)

Session III (November 28th)

11:30 - Carl Bloss, Instant Photography
11:45 - Flora Strange, Marion Carpenter: Breaking Gender Walls
12:00 - Amanda Bailey, Phos:Graphein (writing with light)
12:15 - Athena Harden, The Anthotype Process

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