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Friday, January 27, 2012

Speaking Light: In Memorial

When I went to the SPE Regional Conference in November, he stressed that we should live blog events. He said we should blog in the moment, at events, to show others what's going on as its really happening. I started live-blogging at that conference for this blog. So Patrick would want me live-blogging this event: his memorial at Point Park.  
The first thing Patrick did when he got to Point Park was instill a photographic lecture series. We all went because it was extra credit, but what we didn't know was that Speaking Light was the start of his legacy. There were always so few people here for them. Tonight, the room is full. There are people standing in the back. We all took off work and rearranged our schedules for this Speaking Light.
Tonight, Patrick is the guest artist. Tonight we celebrate his life, his work, his teaching and his legacy. I think we all feel him here with us tonight.
He may be gone but... he's here. In all of us.

- Camelia Montoy
Junior photojournalism

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