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Friday, December 2, 2011

VASA Forums and Conversations

VASA Forums and Conversations


You Are Invited
To The VASA Forum

Conversations build collective wisdom and professional communities.

Take part in discussions, build communities
and contribute your ideas.

First discussion begins on December 7, 2011
Free Registration

The first VASA Forum will host 3 discussions lasting 10 days.

Dinosaur Bones: The End (and Ends) of Photo Criticism
Moderated by A. D. Coleman

Moments of Decision or Decisive Moments
Moderated by Rui Cepeda

The End of the Photographic Print: Birth of the Image
Moderated by Roberto Muffoletto

This is how it works:

1. Register and become a VASA Forum Member
2. Once registered you will create a username/password
3. Login to your account in the forum platform
4. Select one or more conversations
5. Participate by replying or starting your own thread
6. Share your ideas, thoughts, and perspectives

Conversations last 7-10 days allowing for focused and reflective contributions to the collective knowledge of the community.

VASA Forums are free and open to the community.

By engaging in the various conversations you are building shared knowledge on a range of topics and social practices.

Please feel free to forward this email on to others.

Future VASA Forum topics will be announced.

Teaching Photography Workshop Series:

Open for registration: (limit to 10 participants, all workshops are interactive and online)
Teaching Criticism in the Classroom with A. D. Coleman
Teaching Photography Online (introduction) with Patrick Keough

Online Exhibition: December 15

Video Performance Art: Francesca Fini

VASA Project

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