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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Silver Eye Center for Photography Internship

Thank you for choosing to apply to intern with the Silver Eye Center for Photography.
If you have any questions, please email or call 412-431-1810




Phone: (home)______________________________________(other)_____________________________


How did you hear about Silver Eye? ________________________________________________________________________

Please state your skills. Be as specific as possible, and feel free to use an additional page if necessary.

Photography knowledge (the market place, outlets, state of the industry, general photographic knowledge, etc…)

Media/Public Relations ________________________________________________________________________

Event organizing ________________________________________________________________________

Computer (proficiency with platforms, databases, etc.) ________________________________________________________________________

Describe your commitment to the photographic arts and the arts in general.

What would you bring to Silver Eye? ________________________________________________________________________

Please provide us with the approximate date of when you would like to begin your internship, and the approximate duration
Dates: ________________________________________
Duration: ____________________________________

Dates: ________________________________________
Duration: ____________________________________

Dates: ________________________________________
Duration: ____________________________________

Dates: ________________________________________
Duration: ____________________________________

Please state the number of hours per week you would be able to intern (min. 6): __________________________

Thank you for applying to the Silver Eye Center for Photography
Internship Program.
Please return this application and all supporting documents as soon as possible. Mail to:
Silver Eye Center for Photography
1015 East Carson Street. Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 413 431 1810
OR FAX: 412 431 5777
You MUST include with your completed application the following:
1. A cover letter stating why you are interested in interning at Silver Eye
and what strengths you could bring to the organization.
2. Your résumé or cv
3. Two letters of recommendation and/or two references

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